Rebuild, Design, Maintenance & Installation Services


We can offer a teardown and inspection (TDI) of your equipment. We can add life to your current system or make it a reliable backup of your new system. Once we tear down the unit, we will compile an estimate for the needed repairs to get your unit in operational condition.


Air-Vac can satisfy your design needs. Whether you have a unique application for a container, skid, or an entire compressed air room. We can handle the design, build, and commissioning of your system.

Preventative Maintenance

Air-Vac follows all manufacturer's guidelines for preventative maintenance. We look at the way the system operates and offer suggestions on maintaining the system to its optimal performance.


Air-Vac offers professional installation utilizing extruded aluminum pipe, welded pipe, or malleable iron screw pipe. We only use quality products in the installation process to ensure optimal performance of the system.

Medical Air Grading

This test is taken in the field and sent to a 3rd party lab to be graded and certified according to OSHA 1910.134.

Air Auditing

Utilizing state of the art testing equipment to map how your air compressor is running.